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A lucid dreaming app by minimal

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Privacy / Terms

Privacy is a right, and Shape honors that right.


Shape steers clear of most 3rd party code – particularly Google and Facebook. It is a rare event when anything besides Apple frameworks and in-house software make it into the Shape app.

Shape does not have a user database. We gather very limited analytics, including anonymized usage analytics to make our services better, and in-app commerce events to ensure our ad channels are working.

The Shape website is built with Any usage is subject to their privacy and terms. We neither added nor modified privacy-related infrastructure to the Shape website.

Email correspondence is retained to ensure quality and enable follow-up communications.


Shape is integrated with Apple Health. Beyond submitting health data to Apple's Health app and displaying health data in the Shape app, Shape neither collects nor tracks any personal health data.


Shape costs money. We believe charging the customer directly is a beautiful business model that ties craftsmen and customers closer together. We don't sell data nor serve ads; instead, we charge a recurring fee for access to our apps.

Shape's best features are members-only, costing $8-16 per month or $40-120 per year depending on country and currency. There may be an optional free trial. Subscriptions automatically renew, and your iTunes account is charged upon purchase. Cancel in iTunes account settings at least 24 hours before renewal. Free trials may be voided in event of purchase.


Last updated July 28, 2021
Timeless – Tetonia, Idaho